Saturday, May 2, 2009

Samsung's New 1.5TB Data Backup Solution, the Samsung STORY ™ Station

Here's a new 1.5TB USB 2 external HDD enclosure fitted in a nicely designed case, the Samsung STORY ™ Station. If I admit that I'm in love with this external HDD the lack of either eSATA or FireWire800 renders this USB2.0 only external HDD less attractive… Don’t know about you, but having to store huge video files I can tell you that FireWire800 is really a minimum!

This external HDD is also available in 500GB and 1TB in Korea.

Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd., a world leader in digital consumer electronics and information technology, today announced its new 1.5-Terabyte (TB) external hard drive, Samsung STORY™ Station, which is designed to meet the explosive demand for external, secure and eco-friendly desktop PC storage. The 3.5-inch external hard drive, which features enhanced security software and a solid aluminum casing, is ideal for data backup of personal, hard-to-replace data, music, photos and video files.

To protect against data loss and security compromises, the new Samsung STORY Station features three important safety features: Samsung Auto Backup, SecretZone™ and SafetyKey™. Samsung Auto Backup backs up data in real time or through a prearranged schedule. The backed-up data can also be securely saved by setting a password with Samsung’s SafetyKey™. And to protect confidential files and folders, Samsung’s SecretZone™ creates a virtual drive which provides encryption for data security.

Designed with environmentally-friendly materials that comply with international environmental standards such as RoHS, the new storage supports green operation with a power-saving mode that automatically goes into standby after five minutes of inactivity.

Based on the same innovative design philosophy as the Samsung S1 Mini and S2 Portable external hard drives announced last December, the Samsung STORY Station displays passionate red lines against a high-tech “brushed” aluminum surface with red cable ports. Samsung now provides a full range of external hard drives: the 1.8-inch S1 Mini and the 2.5-inch S2 Portable for portable use, and the 3.5-inch Samsung STORY Station for large volume data back up.

The Samsung STORY Station’s heat dissipating design – the ventilation and the aluminum cover – prevents heat build up and keeps the drive inside cool.

Available in 500GB, 1TB and 1.5TB densities, the Samsung STORY Station has a USB 2.0 interface and provides a three-year warranty.



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