Sunday, May 10, 2009

New Sony noise cancelling Bluetooth headphones

Sony’s new Bluetooth® headphone range lets you immerse yourself in perfectly clear audio without any cable clutter. Whether you are listening to music or making a phone call, Sony’s echo and noise cancelling technology will ensure exceptional sound quality. In addition, compatibility with the latest Bluetooth® 2.1 standard means not only can you say goodbye to troublesome wires, but reduce interference as well.

The new Bluetooth® headphone range from Sony is comprised of two models; DR-BT100CX and DR-BT101. Both feature simple, easy to use finger-tip controls which make it straightforward to adjust the volume, play and skip music tracks, and accept or reject incoming calls at the touch of a button.

The DR-BT100CX in-ear headphones are the perfect partner for your MP3 player or mobile. USB charging and cord free styling make them easy to use, whilst three sizes of silicon ear bud ensure superior sound quality can be enjoyed in comfort. With eight hours of playback time, these lightweight Bluetooth® headphones will keep you in connected, whatever you’re listening to.

For a headband headset without the inconvenience of cables, the DR-BT101 Sony headphones are the ideal choice. Enjoy rich, clear sound for hours on end through the headphone’s 30mm neodymium driver; twelve hours of playback means there is no risk of running out of power on long journeys. As both models support A2DP, AVRCP, HFP and HSP Bluetooth® profiles, Sony’s new Bluetooth® headphone range keeps you connected and cable free whether you’re travelling, exercising or just listening to your favourite tracks at home.


Saturday, May 9, 2009

Samsung SPF-87H and SPF-107H Photo Frames Now Heading Toward Japan

Announced in Korea earlier this month, Samsung's latest photo frames the SPF-87H and SPF-107H, are heading toward Japan with a possible launch in late May and beginning of June.

The SPF-87H features a nice 8” LCD with a resolution of 800x400 LCD with a 500:1 contrast ratio and 200cd/m2 brightness while the SPF-107H feature a 10” LCD with 1024x600 resolution, a 500:1 contrast ratio and a 250cd/m2.

Both can also be used as a secondary display.


Friday, May 8, 2009

Eee PC Seashell - Indulge in the Extraordinary.

Introduced t the CeBit 2009, the Asus Eee PC Seashell, aka 1008HA is now available for purchase in Japan and overseas. This netbook is powered by an Atom N280, 1GB or RAM, a 10” WSVGA LED Backlight screen, Bluetooth, 160GB of HDD….

Taipei, Taiwan, April 30, 2009 – Surf with the Eee PC™ Seashell—The beach brings to mind images of clear blue oceans, soft silk-like sand and, of course, the seashells. ASUS has taken one of nature’s most beautiful designs and combined it with the best of today’s innovations to provide users with the most stylishly functional Eee PC™ yet. Weighing just 1.1kg, the Eee PC™ Seashell is a highly portable companion that users can carry about, allowing them to surf the Internet, watch videos or keep in touch with their friends and family—even while at the beach. Equipped with a more-than-ample 10-inch display, ergonomically designed keyboard, intelligent energy management system and an intuitive multi-touch touch-pad, the Eee PC™ Seashell aims to provide users with the best mobile computing experience, wherever their journeys take them.


Thursday, May 7, 2009

Nexto announces NVS2500 backup storage device

Nexto, a manufacturer of portable backup storage devices, has announced the NVS2500 backup device claiming to offer back up speeds of up to 80MB/s. Primarily designed for video professionals, it is compatible with Compact Flash, SDHC and MemoryStick Pro, though its fastest speeds are reserved for SxS media. Built around a 2.5” SATA hard drive, it offers eSATA/USB and FireWire support. It also allows simultaneous backup to both its internal HD and an external USB hard drive. It also features a 2.4" preview LCD, rugged construction and a free-fall sensor for maximum drive protection. The NVS2500 is available in 160GB, 250GB, 350GB and 500GB storage capacities.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Phase One Launches P 40+ with Sensor+

Medium format camera quality plus hand-held flexibility in one system

COPENHAGEN, April 30, 2009 -- Phase One, the leader in open-platform based medium format camera systems and solutions, today announced immediate availability of the Phase One P 40+ -- the company’s second Sensor+ enabled digital camera back/camera system.

Like the P 65+ introduced last year, this new system offers two separate image-capture modes. In normal mode, the P 40+ delivers full 40 megapixel captures for high-quality image details. And when shooting conditions demand, a photographer can push a button and instantly switch from 40 megapixels to 10 megapixels, gaining a four-fold increase in light sensitivity (ISO to 3200), and a capture rate of up to 1.8 frames per second --an ideal performance for hand-held and/or low-light conditions.

“Our second Sensor+ enabled system has been designed to deliver the fastest capture rate of any high-end medium format camera system on the market today,” said Jan H. Christians en, marketing director for Phase One. “Our relentless innovation is inspired by the needs of quality- conscious professional photographers who seek flexible and reliable camera systems that can work as hard as they do.”

The versatility of the P 40+ system is important for those who seek quality medium-format 16-bit capture under a variety of working conditions. Both modes feature a 12.5 f-stop dynamic range. From high-end wedding, fashion and fine-art photographers to photojournalists, the choice of capture modes in a single camera system frees photographers to focus on the job at hand rather than worry over equipment.

Best results of Sensor+ technology are available by processing images using Phase One Capture One software version 4.8 or higher.

Technical specifications:
P 40+ full resolution capture mode:
Resolution: 40 megapixels
Pixel size: 6 x 6 micron
RAW file compression: (IIQ large: 40 MB) (IIQ small: 26 MB)
ISO: 50, 100, 200, 400, 800
Capture rate: Up to 1.2 frames per second

P 40+ Sensor+ capture mode:
Resolution: 10 megapixels
Pixel size: 12 x 12 micron
RAW file compression: (IIQ large: 10 MB) (IIQ small: 7 MB)
ISO: 200, 400, 800, 1600, 3200
Capture rate: up to 1.8 frames per second

Phase One P+ camera back mounts:
Phase One 645 AF, Mamiya 645AFDII/ AFDIII, Mamiya RZ67 PRO IID via adaptor, Hasselblad H1 and H2, Hasselblad 555ELD, 553ELX, 503CW and 501CM, Contax 645.

Wide angle & technical cameras: 4 x 5" via FlexAdaptor: Arca Swiss, Cambo, Linhof, Toyo, Sinar, Plaubel, Horseman.

Pricing & Availability
The P 40+ digital back starts at €14,990; the P 40+ camera system starts at €16,990. All products are available now.

Additional image

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Asian Babe, Fight of the Week... For real this time we swear !

Hi everyone, here's another fight between two gorgeous ladies, and today we have two new contenders with Sun Yiqi on the left (Chinese) and Fukuoka Sayaka on the right (Japanese).

Which one of these beautiful babes won your heart over the weekend?


Vestax Handy Trax USB Turntable Recorder Now On Sale!

Vestax introduced the handy trax USB, a turntable that plays vinyl and converts vinyl to WAV or AIFF up to 24bit/48kHz (CD quality is 16bit/44.1kHz) thanks to its USB interface. The handy trax USB comes with a built-in 4W speaker and offers volume controller fader as well. You can find line-in, line-out and, headphone out jacks. It was three play speeds, 33 1/3, 45, and 78 rpm.


Monday, May 4, 2009

Samsung’s latest 29mm thick PDP TV

Samsung announced this Sunday the full HD 850 PAVV, a 50” PDP (Plasma) “Finger Slim” with a thickness of just 29mm, as well as being 40% more power efficient that Samsung PDP previous Generation TVs and 20% lighter (26kg).

Our 850 PAVV 50” PDP TV feature Samsung’s Full HD Crystal Engine, DLNA Support, “USB 2.0 Videos” giving you the possibility to watch DivX videos, photos, or play your MP3 directly from an external HDD or USB Thumb key to your TV.

If 50” is not enough for you, Samsung also happen to have 58” model ready to ship for you. Unfortunately there are not much information on the 58” thickness, Samsung only state that this model is 50% slimmer than before and just weight 36kg.



JAPAN TEXTURE for iPhone 3G: Gorgeous Hand Made Lacquered Cases for Your Beloved iPhone

Softbank just sent us a hi-resolution picture of this gorgeous series of hand made lacquered cases. Not much to say here since the pictures speak for themselves, but this series of six iPhones cases are 100% hand-made and built like any other luxury lacquered wood that you can find in Japan.

Now don’t get too excited since we're not talking about average iPhone cases, but real works of art and each one cost no less than 39,800 Yen or €306 ($407USD) and are limited ONLY to 50 units each.


Sunday, May 3, 2009

Sunday Stories : Subaru Begins Testing the Stella Electric Vehicle in Japan

Today Subaru announced the successful development of a prototype of its Subaru Plug-in STELLA electric vehicle (EV), to be introduced this summer in Japan. FHI will provide the Ministry of the Environment, Japan
with fifteen units of the Plug-in STELLA Prototype for verification tests to be conducted by five prefectural and city governments.

The new prototype model improved driving performance by increasing power output from 40kW to 47kW and further enhanced its efficiency by lightening body weight and fine-tuning output management. In addition to the optimization and downsizing of the battery pack design, it changed the instrument panel and interior design. Specifications of a production EV model, to be introduced this summer, are basically identical to those of this model.

The Ministry of the Environment, Japan is now carrying out the promotion of the next generation vehicle, aiming to further spread the use of EVs. By June this year fifteen units of the Plug-in STELLA Prototype will be loaned: four units for Kanagawa Prefecture, three units for Aichi Prefecture, three units for Osaka Prefecture, three units for Hyogo Prefecture, one unit for Yokohama City and one unit for Japan Post Service Co., Ltd.

FHI has been researching lithium ion battery technology, which has attracted attention as a future power source, and a next generation EV powered by those batteries. It has jointly developed the Subaru R1e with Tokyo Electric Power Co., Inc. since June 2006. Making good use of the R1e’s EV system and know-how, FHI successfully developed “Subaru Plug-in STELLA Concept” in June 2008, and five units of this EV were provided for use of Hokkaido Toyako Summit and the Japan Post group for use in mail collection and delivery. FHI plans to test-market production EV models from July this year in Japan and around 170 units of EV are planned to be delivered during this fiscal year. Pricing, selling system and after-sales service are now under study.

FHI pursues the perfect integration of a pleasant and reliable driving with environmental considerations in its vehicle development philosophy. Not to mention enhanced improvement of the current power unit line-up, FHI positions EVs as one of viable solutions and key technologies for environmental preservation, and it will further research and develop its EVs.


Sunday Stories : Outlander GT Prototype in the Flesh... Unfortunately.

We finally succeeded in getting hi-res pictures of the Outlander GT prototype and we're pretty disappointed.
We at really like the stock Outlander for its versatility and ability to really go off road and not being ONLY a urban family carrier. The Outlander GT prototype seems to really go against the “Outlander” mainly due to its low chassis and front bumper design that will stop you from any off road activities.

Let’s talk about the new and redesigned bumper and front grill. We love it on the Lancer Evo, we accepted it on the Colt, but on the Outlander it's really ugly… As we said… the Outlander GT prototype is quite a disappointment.

Building on the success of the Mitsubishi Outlander, Mitsubishi Motors North America today conducted the World debut of a distinctive new model that takes the compact SUV to another new level of performance and sportiness - the Mitsubishi Outlander GT Prototype. The all-new design study is the centerpiece of the Mitsubishi Motors exhibit at the New York International Auto Show, which continues through April 19.

The Diamond white Outlander GT Prototype infuses performance and design inspiration from Mitsubishi's Lancer sport sedans and provides clear indicators of the future of Outlander.

"The Outlander GT Prototype is packed with technology, performance and premium features that are uncommon in the compact SUV class," commented John Koenig, executive vice president of Mitsubishi Motors North America. "Along with its faster heartbeat, we also wanted to quicken pulses by channeling the look of our sportiest cars."

A front grille design inspired by the Lancer Evolution's "jet fighter" look is clearly in play on the Outlander GT Prototype, which sports complementary new design elements, such as a reshaped front bumper, side mirrors, fenders and hood. Reshaped Bi-Xenon HID headlamps, a new rear bumper and side sills, plus a bold polished finish on the already standard aluminum roof panel accentuate the sporty appeal.

The Outlander GT Prototype also benefits from improvements to the all-aluminum 3.0-liter SOHC MIVEC V6 currently found in the Outlander XLS, including a reduction in intake restriction plus optimized camshaft timing and compression ratio. The engine changes raise maximum output by 10 horsepower, for a total of 230 horsepower, with an improved torque curve for more responsive city driving and enhanced fuel economy and emissions.

To further increase fuel economy, the Outlander GT Prototype features an upgraded shifting program and Idle Neutral Logic, which automatically, and smoothly, shifts into neutral during vehicle standstill. It reengages at the slightest lift of the foot off the brake pedal, thereby providing instantaneous response.



Saturday, May 2, 2009

Samsung's New 1.5TB Data Backup Solution, the Samsung STORY ™ Station

Here's a new 1.5TB USB 2 external HDD enclosure fitted in a nicely designed case, the Samsung STORY ™ Station. If I admit that I'm in love with this external HDD the lack of either eSATA or FireWire800 renders this USB2.0 only external HDD less attractive… Don’t know about you, but having to store huge video files I can tell you that FireWire800 is really a minimum!

This external HDD is also available in 500GB and 1TB in Korea.

Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd., a world leader in digital consumer electronics and information technology, today announced its new 1.5-Terabyte (TB) external hard drive, Samsung STORY™ Station, which is designed to meet the explosive demand for external, secure and eco-friendly desktop PC storage. The 3.5-inch external hard drive, which features enhanced security software and a solid aluminum casing, is ideal for data backup of personal, hard-to-replace data, music, photos and video files.

To protect against data loss and security compromises, the new Samsung STORY Station features three important safety features: Samsung Auto Backup, SecretZone™ and SafetyKey™. Samsung Auto Backup backs up data in real time or through a prearranged schedule. The backed-up data can also be securely saved by setting a password with Samsung’s SafetyKey™. And to protect confidential files and folders, Samsung’s SecretZone™ creates a virtual drive which provides encryption for data security.

Designed with environmentally-friendly materials that comply with international environmental standards such as RoHS, the new storage supports green operation with a power-saving mode that automatically goes into standby after five minutes of inactivity.

Based on the same innovative design philosophy as the Samsung S1 Mini and S2 Portable external hard drives announced last December, the Samsung STORY Station displays passionate red lines against a high-tech “brushed” aluminum surface with red cable ports. Samsung now provides a full range of external hard drives: the 1.8-inch S1 Mini and the 2.5-inch S2 Portable for portable use, and the 3.5-inch Samsung STORY Station for large volume data back up.

The Samsung STORY Station’s heat dissipating design – the ventilation and the aluminum cover – prevents heat build up and keeps the drive inside cool.

Available in 500GB, 1TB and 1.5TB densities, the Samsung STORY Station has a USB 2.0 interface and provides a three-year warranty.