Friday, May 23, 2008

The MicroVault

New USB Memory from Sony: The MicroVault

Sony has updated its range of USB memory and is providing us with new USB keys from 2GB to 16GB (why is the picture of a 1GB USB?). Reading speed is 31 MB/s, 11 MB/s for writing, and the key is 9g lighter than previous models.

The MicroVault is also compatible with ready boost for people like me who are fed up with Vista, and are available this month in our green lands.

Paris, 22nd May, 2008 - Sony Europe’s Recording Media & Energy (RME) division today announced its MicroVault™ Click and Click Excellence ranges with both mid-range and high-end device availability. The new MicroVault™ Click line-up offers advanced performance with increased storage capacity, high speed data transfer rates1 and Windows® ReadyBoost™ compatibility; to improve PC memory performance on Windows Vista™ Operating System without installing additional RAM. Users can simply click, plug and share their documents, pictures and video clips and keep important files to hand whilst on the move.

Both the MicroVault™ Click and Click Excellence ranges incorporate a neat ‘click’ design to uncover and retract the USB connector for quick and easy use.

For ultra fast data transfer rates and storage capacity from 2GB up to 8GB2, the MicroVault™ Click Excellence is designed with business professionals in mind. With up to 31MB/s read and 11MB/s write speeds3 heavy business files can be transferred easily to share with colleagues and clients via Hi-Speed USB 2.04 connectivity. The MicroVault™ Click Excellence range is available in a stylish, compact, ivory design, complete with LED indicator display which illuminates while transferring the data.

With high capacity storage as a focus, the bright mid-range MicroVault™ Click has a reduced form factor from its predecessor and is lighter at approximately 9 grams. The colourful line-up offers Hi-Speed USB 2.0 data transfer and storage capacity from 2GB up to 16GB2. The MicroVault™ Click range has a bright design, with one colour per capacity via an LED indicator light.

For advanced performance, the Sony MicroVault™ Click range offers Windows® ReadyBoost™5 compatibility, allowing Windows Vista to use part of the MicroVault’s™ memory to speed up system performance without additional RAM. Sony’s pre-installed Virtual Expander6 compression software allows storage of up to 3 times more data, depending on the file type and content.

The MicroVault™ Click and Click Excellence ranges are available from May 2008 and come with 5 years European warranty.

Sony Europe

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